Site Engineering Technology Inc. works in all disciplines (Project Management) and provides in house engineering services on Planning (Area Structure Plan/Re-designation), Survey, Engineering for public and private sector. Signoff for Alberta Building Code schedules, Development Permits (DP/DSSP), Building Permits(BP), Demolition Permits, Site Plan (MSDP, Outline Plan), Surveys, Septic Field Permit, Alberta Environment Storm Water Management, Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) and Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC), etc. We have and can lead a team to take project from raw ground to completion, or can work as a team member.


Combining many years of experience in life, business, and engineering, Don of Site Engineering Technology Inc (SET Inc.) works with a client to develop a process and strategy to fulfill the client's project need. SET Inc. follows the agreed process and procedure, using it as a road map for project completion. Gathering existing information and a preliminary concept (below an example for a 3-d and/or drawings shown within website), with design brief where applicable. Upon review with the client, the drawing preparation utilizes the local design standards and guidelines. The process and procedure/strategy for approvals on project moves forward on items such as Development Permit/Building Permit with a review at milestones - adjust were necessary. The roadmap leads to the owner, the consulting team, and the construction contractor in understanding the goals and deliverables for the project. Results is in the efficient and effective use of available resources to benefit all the stakeholders in the project.


Site Engineering Technology Inc. was formed in 2013 by Don Nikonetz P.Tech.(Eng.). Don is a registered engineering professional, and brings 30 plus years of professional development in business and engineering expertise. The staff of Site Engineering Technology Inc provides unison development within each project.

Contact Information

Email: don@site-eng.ca Phone: 403-342-0049